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Topical Tips

October 2016 

How to create a stress free firework season for all your pets

With the firework season nearly here, now is the time to make things as stress-free as possible for your pets.

Cats, rabbits and guinea pigs should be kept indoors.

Dogs, like Chester here, may need additional help to keep them calm.

Here are our top tips to help your dogs to 

keep calm and carry on wagging their tails:

1. Provide a den for your dog, in a safe place among the family such as the living room. You can use a puppy crate, large box, or a gap behind the sofa. Put your dog's bed in the den and leave any doors open so he or she can go in it now, before the fireworks start. 

Cover the top with blankets or similar to create a secure, cosy environment.

2. keep doors and windows closed, it will keep noise to a minimum and prevent pets escaping.

3. Provide distractions such as toys and chews, draw the curtains and turn the TV or radio on.

4. Try not to leave your dog on its own, 

5. Ask your vet for advice and medication to calm your dog, or use calming products such as an Adaptil collar.  

Nine Lives Vets currently have a special offer appointment for £36.50. Your dog will have an check up with a vet, and be prescribed either a calming medication or product. It also includes an Adaptil collar that when worn helps relieve stress. 

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