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Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic at our Harpenden branch  

Some of you may already be aware that our lovely nurse Natasha has been undergoing a further qualification in small animal physiotherapy and rehabilitation.  We are delighted to announce that all of her hard work has paid off and she is now a fully qualified and insured level 6 practitioner. Physiotherapy can beneficial to your pet by;-

  • Post injury - aiding in reduction of swelling, pain and improving function of movement. 
  • Arthritis - improving function of movement and strength and reduction of pain. 
  • Performance - Improving muscle condition and increasing range of motion. 
  • Prevention of injury - identifying compensatory issue's and improving muscle condition. 
  • Many more ........ 

For more information or to book an assessment please contact our Harpenden branch on 01582 763265 or visit 

Case of the Month - Manwell - Gun Shot Victim

This is Manwell, he came to see us because he was thought to have been in a cat fight and had injured his hind leg. On examination Manwell had a long partly healed over wound which was very large, firm and swallon

As Manwell's wound was so large and very swallon it didn't look like an ordinary cat fight injury, therefore the decision was taken to operate on the site to see what had caused the problem.


The wound was very infected with lots of pus which needed to be cleaned out, whilst flushing out all of the infection our vet Holly came across the culprit that had caused Manwell's injury.

From inside the wound a cylindrical plastic tube was pulled out of Manwell's leg. It was a mystery as to what the plastic tube was, so Manwell's owners took the object to a police station to be identified. It turns out that someone had cruelly shot Manwell with a training bullet, however thanks to a short operation, some anti-biotics, and lots of love and care Manwell is now back to his usual cheeky self, relaxing around the house and exploring the neighbourhood.

Answers to Emily's Christmas Quiz:

1. Who Lives The Longest?

average life spans:

  • Chinchilla: 15-20 years
  • Guinea Pig: 6-7 years
  • Hamster: 2-3 years
  • Mice: 1-2 years
  • Gerbils: 3-4 years
  • Rats: 2-3 years
  • Rabbits: 8-10 years

2. How many Toes?  40 in total:

  • A guinea pig has 4 toes on the front and just 3 on the back feet, so that's 14 toes
  • A cat has 5 toes on the front and 4 on the back, so that's 18 toes
  • A chameleon has just 2 toes on each foot so they can grip branches, so that's 8 toes (although, if you look closely all five toes are there but they are joined together to make 2 giant toes!)

3. How many vertebrae in a Giraffe neck?

All mammals have the same number of bones in their spine - its just that a giraffe has enormous bones!

So our dogs have the same number as our giraffe!

4. name the breed:

  • Scooby-Do: is a Great Dane
  • Toto: is in the Wizard of Oz and is a Cairn Terrier
  • Bullseye: is in Oliver Twist and is an English Bull Terrier
  • Lassie: is a Rough Collie
  • Fang: is a Neopolitan Mastif - one of the biggest breeds