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Take a tour around the surgery:

I'll take you on a tour of the Redbourn practice, so you can see where your pets stay when they spend the day with us:


Kate, head nurse

  • Simon, Geoff & their favourites
    Simon, Geoff & their favourites
  • Spot our Mr T
    Spot our Mr T
Simon, Geoff & their favourites
Simon, Geoff & their favourites


Cat Ward

Our receptionists are here to welcome you to the surgery, and to help dispense your pets' medication. 
At Redbourn, our feline 'Practice Manager' Mr T can be spotted chilling out somewhere in the reception area, as can George the 'special' bearded dragon and Lucian and Bernie our guinea pigs. 
We try to keep the reception calm and quiet, encouraging dogs to sit separately from other pets. 
To keep your pets healthy we stock a range of foods and products for you to treat your pet at home. We also run nurse clinics for worming & flea treatments, weight monitoring, post-op check ups, microchipping and nail clipping.  

We all know cats like to be warm and quiet, with a nice bed to snuggle into. Our cat ward is in the quietest room, with 8 large kennels giving our patients room to stretch their legs and have a comfy bed. 

Cats only stay in the ward if it's absolutely necessary, for example if they are on IV fluids, recovering from surgery or needing wounds regularly attended to. 

We sometimes have space to board cats who need a little bit of extra care than a cattery or cat sitter can provide, so we may be able to board diabetic cats on insulin injections and elderly cats on daily medication. Please book well in advance.

For boarding healthy cats we recommend Orchard Farm Cattery, Redbourn.


Operating Theatre

X-ray & Ultrasound

We do all our surgery and procedures on site at Redbourn, and can carry out minor procedures at the Harpenden clinic. Your pet will start the day being checked over by the vet, then be bedded down in a comfy kennel. They then have a pre-med injection so they can chill out and not feel distressed or worried. We only use state-of-the-art anaesthesia (Sevoflurane gas and alfaxan injection) so your pet will have a smooth and settled GA. In theatre they are monitored by some great equipment - but most importantly by experienced and fully qualified nurses. We always use 'intradermal' stitches wherever possible - this means there is nothing on the outside for your pet to nibble at so we rarely need to put one of those horrible bucket collars on their heads.

We have a great digital x-ray machine, with a special high-resolution function so we can take top quality images, even of our reptile patients.

Our ultrasound machine enables us to image internal organs such as bladders, hearts and livers.

  • We hospitals hens in here too
    We hospitals hens in here too
  • Even Skunks stay in here!
    Even Skunks stay in here!

Rabbit Ward

Reptile Ward

Some of our largest cages are for our rabbit patients. We have two large kennels and three medium kennels, allowing our rabbit patients space to exercise and have their companions in with them.

We feed either Supa Excel nuggets or Russel Rabbit mix to match their normal diet, with plenty of hay and fresh vegetables.

We have four vivariums for snakes and lizards, and four tortoise tables. Each enclosure is carefully monitored for temperature and humidity, and we create a suitable environment with hides, vines and plastic foliage.

We keep a range of live food and vegetables to tempt our reptiles to eat, and support feed with Emeraid liquid feeds to give them the nutrition they need when recovering from illness or surgery.


Consulting Rooms

Our fully equipped laboratory enables us to get rapid results. We have haematology and biochemistry blood analysers that check your pet's red and white blood cells, their liver and kidney function and their thyroid hormone level. We can also analyse blood sugar levels, pancreas function and check for feline aids or leukaemia virus.

We regularly analyse urine, using a combination of dip-sticks, refractometer and microscope.

The microscope also comes in very useful when looking for gut or skin parasites, and for examining smears from lumps and bumps.

We have two consulting rooms for the vets, who consult every morning, afternoon and evening.

We have a clinic room for the nurses who offer a range of services:

  • weight checks
  • nail clipping
  • flea and worming
  • tick removal
  • microchipping
  • post-op check ups
  • wound and abscess cleaning
  • emptying anal glands

Some our most important team members have 4 legs!

Some of the animals you might meet at the surgery:

Mr T

The practice manager.

Always on duty on reception, ready to welcome you (when not keeping the printer warm - vital work you know!)

Lucian & Bernie

The practice guinea pigs. Here to keep the children entertained, and they go on-tour round the local primary schools to educate on pet ownership


Gentle giant Lexi comes to work each day with Natasha the nurse, look out for her behind the reception desk at Redbourn. She also plays an important role in the 'Puppy Parties' held at Harpenden, by socialising with new owners and their puppies.


Doesn't she look sweet? Don't be fooled - she's a proper Jack, she'll bark and yapp at you from behind the reception gate. This little bundle of fun belongs to head vet Emily.

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