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Choosing the right Flea & Worm treatment:

Protecting your pet, family & home

There are so many options for treating & protecting your pet against fleas and worms, it can be confusing which one to choose. 

We've picked what we think are the best 3 options for dogs, all you need to decide is who matches your pet the best:

Tinker the Trouble-Maker

Tinker is in to everything! He'll eat or roll in anything he finds no matter how disgusting it looks.

He's at risk of getting ill through fox-mange & lung-worm, and risks bringing worms & fleas home to the family

We'll treat Tinker with:

Advocate spot-on once a month

Droncit worming tablet every 6 months

Cost per month for 20Kg dog: £8.71

Frankie the Family Favourite

Frankie loves life, she'll go for long walks in the countryside with the family then come home and snuggle on the sofa.

Frankie could pick up ticks on her walks, and could bring home fleas & worms putting the family at risk. She's unlikely to eat slugs & snails, but can't promise never to, so she still needs some protection from the dreaded lung-worm.

We'll treat Frankie with:

Bravecto Flea & tick tablet every 3 months

Milpro worming tablet every 3 months

Cost per month for 20Kg dog: £9.11

This is a really simple protocol, just two tablets given every three months. Bravecto is a 'Prescription Only' medicine, you don't need to bring your dog with you but they will need to have been seen by a vet within the last `12 months and have a recent weight.

Pip the Pack Leader

Pip is one of the gang. She's super sociable - spends her time playing with the kids & other dogs at home or in the park.

Pip is at risk of catching fleas and worms. She's never picked up a tick & has no interest in eating horrid things like slugs & snails that transmit lungworm.

We'll treat Pip with:

                                                                   Advantage Flea Spot-on once a month

                                                                   Drontal plus wormer tablet every 3 months

                                                                   Cost per month for 20Kg dog: £5.16

No prescription is needed for Advantage or Drontal, you can buy it over the counter at the Redbourn or Harpenden Surgery.