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Ferret Medicine and Surgery:

Neutering vs Implants: Preventing Adrenal Disease:

Adrenal disease is a life-threatening condition. It starts with hair loss, especially over the tail, then weight loss, weakness and thinning of the skin. In males the prostate enlarges causing difficulty urinating.

It can be treated by surgical removal of the adrenal gland or by implanting a suprelorin implant under the skin.

Neutering, especially females, can predispose to adrenal disease. We recommend avoiding spaying females where possible, using the Gill jab or a Vasectomize hob instead. It is becoming common practice to implant a male at the same time as castration.

Helicobacter gastritis

Helicobacter is well known to trigger gastric ulceration in humans, we also believe it to be a significant pathogen in ferrets too. It can cause inappetance, tooth grinding, abdominal pain, weight loss and diarrhea. But, it is essential to remember that a healthy ferret can have helicobacter in their stomach - we always look for a trigger factor if a ferret is sick with helicobacter, such as stress or underlying disease.

We treat helicobacter with amoxicillin, daily for up to 21 days